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The Sensory – 5 avowed fans of the late 60s, turn a little on the wheel of time with their soulful vintage sound. Join in and go back in time!
With inspiration from the sound of the 60s and 70s, yet with a fondness for contemporary grooves, there evolved a musical structure loaded with concentrated warm soul and arrangements reminiscent of the good old Abbey Road Studios, with crisp beats provided by a dash of fine electronics. The sound is not at all musty-sounding but rather brand new and hot! It comes from Schaffhausen and was developed by the band "The Sensory". With old instruments and a massive sound the perfect foundation is set for the distinctive charismatic vocals. Leaving the past aside, the latest offspring is essentially a debut album, and is called "Chewing The Gun". A little Motown, some Beatles, a little Morricone and a little James Bond, each of the 12 songs provide an individual musical menu. They sound like a chapter of a sort of "Hitchhiker's Guide Through The Sound Of The Late 60s And Early 70s". With the help of old home remedies an album was created which neither the worst winter frost or the most oppressive summer heat may harm. In other words, a weatherproof balm for the ears.


Dear Friends,

We have both good news and sad news, and we will begin with the sad: Unfortunately Myriam is no longer part of the band The Sensory. She has decided to focus more on her professional future, and as such there is less room for music. We wish Myriam all the best for her future, and hope that all her dreams come true. The good news (as you might have guessed) is that The Sensory can now proudly present a new voice. A voice which has been heard Europe-wide on TV, radio and on the web. She will enrich The Sensory with her warm soulful voice and bring about new styles. We will not yet tell you her name though, for the time being, as the big surprise will come with a new single. We do have a small hint for the curious however. She sang for “The voice of ****”
You will hear from us soon, because we are “on record”!

The Sensory


The Band looking back proud of their last album "Chewing The Gun"
"The new album is our first since -do you think you feel?- four years ago. We've been through many songs and we collect some great stuff, but you gotta dig a deep well and see what you can pull up. We've taken a lot of time to achieve the sound we grew up with, the sound of the '60s and early '70s"

The new album is available on iTunes, Spotify and all local stores! A sneak preview can be heard at the "Media" button